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Kristent Nettverk is a Norwegian missionary association. We share the Word of God, train leaders, plant churches and run various aid programmes.


We believe that the whole Bible is the Word of God, and aim to build upon what Jesus and his apostles have given us through the New Testament. As such it is apostolic: We believe God raises up apostles today. They are distinguished by their deep commitment to the Bible and to proclaiming and building on the same foundation Jesus and his apostles lay down for the church.


Kristent Nettverk is led by Terje Dahle and a team of people with different giftings that build the church up. All have in common their calling from God, and combine their differences in age, ability, gifting and background towards one mutual goal.


Kristent Nettverk owns and operates:

  • Bergen Bibelskole (Bergen Bible School) – a one-year Bible study combined with stimulating practical stints in churches we work with in Norway and abroad.

  • – a website with podcasts and resources for young adults (only in Norwegian).

  • Lys og Salt (Light and Salt Conference) – an annual summer-conference in Stavern, Norway.

  • FOLK Bibelskole (FOLK Bible School) –  a correspondence program for learners living at home

  • Gullbotn leirsted (Gullbotn Conference Centre)

  • Book publishing

  • Leadership conferences


God's calling and assignment to spread the gospel guides our prioritisations. If the churches and preachers that we minister to succeed, -we succeed!


We pray for and encourage anyone willing to take up their cross, build their life on the Word of God and serve Him.


Our work began in the 1980s and led to the setting up of Kristent Nettverk. At Kristent Fellesskap Bergen Noralv Askeland and Erling Thu were recognized as manifesting the giftings of an apostolic and prophetic ministry and set aside for mission in 1996.


This is a pattern we find in the New Testament, where Paul and Barnabas were set aside for mission in the area around the Mediterranean. (Acts 13)


Later on several co-workers from different churches in Norway have joined the work of mission, and during the past 20 years Kristent Nettverk has contributed to the birth of many new churches in Norway.


In 1998, the Kristent Nettverk was established as a foundation to organize the mission effort as a legal entity.


All our employees belong also to a local congregation, while working in these three areas:

  • Preaching, mentoring and follow-up of local churches and leaders

  • Activities and events organized by Kristent Nettverk

  • Missionary outreach and aid programs in the Philippines

Preaching, mentoring and follow-up of local churches and leaders

Terje Dahle.jpg

Terje Dahle

Leder for Kristent Nettverk


Håvard Kjøllesdal

Arne Skagen.jpg

Arne Skagen

Kjartan Ørnes.jpg

Kjartan Ørnes

Morten Gundersen.jpg

Morten Gundersen

Rune Ørnes.jpg

Rune Ørnes

Jan Sigve.jpg

Jan Sigve Hystad


Erling Thu

Kontaktpersoner våre tilbud og arrangementer:

Arne Olav.jpg

Arne Olav Røe

Daglig leder // Redaktør Sennep

Siri Juvik.jpg

Siri Schnell Juvik

Programleder Sennep-podden

Miriam 1x1.jpg

Miriam Højklint



Bente Askeland

Husvert Gullbotn leirsted

Runar Gjertsen.jpg

Runar Gjertsen

Rektor ved Bergen Bibelskole

Neethan Puvanendran.jpg

Neethan Puvanendran

Lyd og videoproduksjon

Utsendinger Filippinene:

Noralv og Tone.jpg

Noralv og Tone Askeland


Kristent Nettverk and associated churches work closely together with other Christians, including Lutheran and Pentecostal denominations and cross-denominational organizations. Additionally, we back missionary outreach in several other countries in Asia. In some international programs and initiatives we cooperate with Ministries Without Borders UK and M4 Europe.

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