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From 1991 on, Solveig and Erling Thu have been ministering in India and Nepal several times a year; in India working in Gujerat, Rajasthan, Madya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal, and also in Telangana, Andra Pradesh and Karnataka. They have conducted leadership training in cooperation with leaders of regional and national church networks. Among these, the Great Commission Movement, of about 4,000 congregations, led by Chandrakant Chavda. Peter Masih leads another network that has seen 27,000 people from 55 different groups of people saved over the past 30 years. Zephry D'Souza leads a network of house-congregations in Jaipur and other cities and states. In addition, they cooperate with several church networks.


Through Solveig and Erling Thu's efforts, we have funded the construction of schools and orphanages in India and helped many with funding of educational programs. We have given help for the water-supply in villages and built two colonies for the casteless Yandadi and Chenchu tribes. We have invested in self-help programs for women in poverty. We have repaired water channels and made thousands of acres from uncultivated land into cultivable. After the tsunami in 2004, we supported many fishermen by helping them to get new boats and equipment.


In Nepal, Solveig and Erling Thu have collaborated with Henry Pradhan. He has started many churches and seen most of the people in several villages turn to God. He has started a school in Kathmandu where they combine Bible teaching and learning practical skills. He has also started several educational and health services in many villages. He has helped families acquire a livelihood, and several villages have replaced growing opium with the cultivation of vegetables and coffee. In addition, we have funded medical care and reconstruction of houses for poor families in Nepal after floods and earthquake disasters.

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